The Appraisal Lane

The Appraisal Lane™ Helps Used Car Dealers Make More Retail Deals at the Curb

Get a Cash Offer Good for 7 Days or 300 Miles on Live-Trade Appraisals

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The Appraisal Lane is a real-time used car trade network, dealership community, and communications platform that enables dealers to submit used cars for appraisal and receive cash offers from a network of experts who balance knowledge with market valuation data resulting in the most accurate used car valuations.

Fully optimized for mobile, the platform manages appraisal submissions, purchase offers, and dealer, appraiser, and buyer communications, as well as sales and fulfillment channel information. Dealers can submit Live-Trades or dealer owned inventory for a fast cash offer. On Live-Trades, dealers use The Appraisal Lane to provide consistent, rapid, cash backed valuations for their customers to win more retail deals.

Among many other benefits, The Appraisal Lane gives the dealer community the ability to move used car inventory by providing accurate valuations; provide consistent consumer trade-in offers; the opportunity to white label the technology suite to power their own private networks; and the confidence to take used cars on trade regardless of a new car sale, ultimately improving their business in the process.


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