The Electronics Computer Aided Design (ECAD) Laboratory

Prof. PhD Marin Hristov
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The Electronics Computer Aided Design (ECAD) Laboratory was founded under the TEMPUS SJEP Project 3038. The Laboratory is an information and training center in the fields of Electronics and Microelectronics design, Open and Distance Learning. A substantial amount of scientific research activities, Integrated Circuits and System design, undergraduate and Ph.D. students education is carried out here. The equipment is: Oracle Sun SPARCstations and PCs connected to a network. The following software is being used: CADENCE (functional and layout top-down design of Integrated Circuits), SYNOPSYS (functional design), Mentor Graphics (IC design), etc.

In its activity the laboratory integrates the experience and knowledge of lecturers, experts and students from the Technical University - Sofia as well as from leading scientific research and manufacturing organizations in the field of Microelectronics in Bulgaria. The laboratory is a member of several international organizations and consortiums like EUROPRACTICE, MICN etc., the activities of which are connected with the design and manufacturing in Electronics and Microelectronics. 

Some of the results of the activities in the Laboratory are several designed and manufactured CMOS digital and digital-analog Integrated Circuits using CMOS 0.35mm technologies, development and implementation of CAD systems for hybrid Integrated Circuits, management of university administration, modeling of electronic elements and processes, application software, database etc.

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