Vector Capital Investments

Gogo Rafajlovski
+389 70 789 466
Type of the investor: Venture capitalist

Vector Capital Investments [ Vector CI ] is an Investment company focused in the region of South Eastern Europe, area with appr. 60 Million people, close to EU markets, with well-educated IT labor force, combined with low-cost business expenses & risk-oriented young population.

Vector offers shareholders and third-party investors exposure to high-potential opportunities in diversified asset classes. The management team has extensive experience operating in both regional and European markets.

At Vector we identify ideas that show potential and growth and make them come to life. Unlike acorporate VC fund, we have the resources to go the distance and nurture ideas from seed to sustainablebusinesses. This allows us to offer a more personal approach and guarantees that each and everyportfolio company receives our full attention and support on the way to success.


Arts and entertainment




Information Technologies



Preferred Stage of investment: Concept, Prototype, Validation
Range / Amount of investment: 100.000 Euros