Where to startup in Europe?

Entrepreneurs and Tech Talent share their experiences in the newest Startup Heatmap Europe survey.
Please take 7min and share your views: http://www.startupheatmap.eu or http://survey.startupheatmap.eu (mobile friendly)

Startup Heatmap Europe is the benchmark report on the attractiveness of startup hubs in Europe. We map the perceived quality of startup cities, founder mobility and the interconnectivity between European startup hotspots. The Heatmap shows which cities are the entrepreneurship hotbeds of Europe, how far their reputation travels and why founders would rather move there to startup. Complete with investment data, the Startup Heatmap seeks to provide orientation to startups, investors and researchers interested in discovering the realities of Startup Europe outside the political dressing.

The study is done by a non-profit association with the support of the Allianz Cultural Foundation. Our research will be available for free to the community and data will be anonymized and only published in aggregated form so no information about participants or their company will ever be accessible.

Why do we need this?

Hot debate is wrapped around the question of where Europe’s hottest startup hubs are evolving. While each city parades their merits, founders’ perceptions of a specific startup ecosystem will be a decisive factor in cities’ competition for entrepreneurial prowess in Europe.
Startup Heatmap Europe analyses the continual evolution of entrepreneurship foci across the continent, through the eyes of the founder. We track, analyse and evaluate the journeys of founders, the progress of startup hubs and how authorities and community builders can make Europe a better place to startup.

Goals of the survey:

  • To build awareness on the potentials of Startup Europe
  • To provide a reference for comparison of European startup hotspots
  • To ignite public debate on the merits of competition

SUN Team                                                                                                                                                                                                       27.05.2018