Dear SUN Friends, in the following article you can find three new trainings you don’t want to miss – selected for you by our team. Enjoy!

2-hour training courses dedicated to Design Thinking and Design of Experiences, called "Appetizers", will start from September. Organized by Innovation Starter, in partnership with BEC (Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Foundation) and Startup Navigator, the trainings are based on the theories of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford.

The theme of each Innovation Appetizer will be unique. It will never be announced in advance, as Innovation Starter wants this to be part of your surprise to work with them, and as you know, the appetite comes with eating!
Every "appetizer" is prepared in such a way that there will be no theoretical part. Instead, prepare to create prototypes of new ideas, to have fun and to improve the world around you.
You will learn why it is important to design your work and how to improve your teamwork skills: collaboration, creativity, and collective creativity.


The first “Appetizer” will be held on 25th September at 6pm in BetaCafe
Address: Krum Popov 58 Str., Sofia

The price for one training is 40 BGN. (you can pay before the beginning of the training)
* For all teachers and collage professors the training is for FREE.
*The training will be taught in Bulgarian

Learn more about the INNOVATION APPETIZERS here.

11-th Edition of "Microeconomics of Competitiveness" Course!
Developed at Harvard Business School by Professor Michael Porter, the course is taught using the case method, together with readings and lectures.

The MOC course explores the determinants of national and regional competitiveness building from the perspective of firms, clusters, sub-national units, nations, and groups of neighboring countries.

New applications for admission to qualify for the Program on Economic Growth and Development will be accepted until October 5th, 2018 - 11:59 pm.
The Economic Development Certificate Program offered by the Center comprises of two major courses. Students who successfully complete both courses are awarded a graduate certificate in economic development.

Attending the courses offered by the Center is, and has always been, completely free. All required reading materials – case studies and academic articles, will be freely offered to admitted students in electronic format through the program’s website.

Learn more about the application process here.

8 principles of Exponential Coaching
Rich Litvin, a world-renowned high-performance coach to Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, serial entrepreneurs and more, reveals the 8 principles of Exponential Coaching to multiply your impact, income, success and fulfillment as an exponential coach.


What’s the difference between the coach enduring average results, and the coach enjoying extraordinary success? Does the coach with extraordinary success know some radical secret of building a business?
The secret lies in their ability to consistently draw out powerful results for their clients as an exponential coach. Today, Rich Litvin invites you to discover how you can level up your coaching skills and become an exponential coach with extraordinary success.

By the end of this FREE training, you’ll have the 8 elements of exponential coaching and a clear path to serve high-end clients, create exponential results, and build a thriving coaching practice of impact, income and freedom.

Learn more about the training here.

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