3 Ways to Optimize Your Startup's Content Marketing

What is the reason 90% of startups fail and what do the ones that survive do to stand out of the bunch of failures?

In the following article Pratik Dholakiya says that the most of the failures occur not because of generating bad ideas but due to bad presentation of the ideas.
The founder of "The 20 Media", Pratik Dholakiya, gives three ways to spread your idea and increase your shares in the market. 
Here is what he suggests:


Some startups fail because they’re really bad ideas, while others do badly because they are ahead of their times. But, there is a bunch of them that don’t do well because of poor marketing. Yes, they are so product focused that they forget bad marketing can't sell even the best of products.
The surprising thing is, in content marketing, startups have an affordable, but tremendously effective marketing tactic that delivers some fantastic ROI. Startups must use content creation and its distribution to improve brand awareness and reputation.
Here are three things you can do to use content marketing more effectively for your startup:
1. Tell your startup story
Great products sell, but great stories engage. As a startup you need to sell an amazing product and also be able to tell a great story about your startup. But the idea is to not turn your story into a PR exercise. You need to tell your story because it’s worth telling and gives your target customers a clear idea about the principles your startup stands for, long term objectives and how your startup can add value to their lives. Make sure you talk about the challenges you faced while getting your new company up and running, and why you believe it’s all worth it. This will give your story just the right amount of emotional heft and positivity.
2. Provide solutions of pain points
Identify the pain points of your target audience and produce content that offers solutions. Use Google auto suggest to come up with a list of questions people have vis-à-vis your startup’s niche. Make a list of popular pain points and come up with content ideas that provide solutions. Once you have come up with these ideas, use the most effective content format to justify them.
3. Optimize the use of HARO
HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. It’s a web service that helps source-hungry journalists connect with publicity-hungry content marketers. If you use HARO right, it’s one of the better ways of improving the visibility of your startup.
Whatever the industry your startup belongs to, there is a journalist out there looking for information on the same. HARO is a platform that simplifies content distribution. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a pretty packet while using HARO.

As a startup owner, you cannot afford to go wrong with your marketing efforts. You must maximize deliverables from all the time, money and effort you spend in promoting your startup and its products or services. This is where content marketing emerges as a relatively inexpensive and effective branding option. If used well, it will definitely deliver the results you are looking for.

Original text by Pratik Dholakiya

SUN Team                                                                                                                                                                                                                    18.06.18