"Your car, our care"

In the past year, “AvtoIkonom” helped approximately 1,000 drivers to save time and energy in servicing their cars and it did not go unnoticed. “AvtoIkonom” won two prestigious awards, but more importantly, we should ask - why were they awarded!

What exactly is “AvtoIkonom” ?

“AvtoIkonom” is a unique service that saves you time and energy to support your car. At the touch of a button, AvtoIkonom (a professional driver) will arrive. The driver will take your car to a service you have chosen or to one recommended by them. And all this without even having to leave your home or office. Whether it's a change of oil or tires, complicated repairs or damage – “AvtoIkonom” are here to help! The request for your “AvtoIkonom“ is extremely easy - with 1 push of a button in a specially developed mobile application called “AvtoIkonom”. What is more, the Android and iPhone apps remind you a week before the expiry dates of important documents concerning your car, such as civil liability insurance, auto insurance, technical inspection, and driver's license.
Premium brands such as Lexus and Infinity already offer this type of service.

How does “AvtoIkonom” take care for your automobile?

When an “AvtoIkonom” representative takes your car, he/she takes a photo of it, so that you can get a full guarantee that it will be returned in the same condition. “AvtoIkonom” believes in the quality custom services. They provide temporary car’s carpets. All keys and documents are carefully described and kept in a safe place. The driver, who has taken the responsibility for your automobile always drives within the limits. In the event of an accident, the team of “AvtoIkonom” will bear the expense or provide you with a temporary car.

How does “AvtoIkonom” work?

“AvtoIkonom” offers a range of services for your car. Some of them include car service, tire and oil change, car wash, technical inspection, recharging of the air conditioning, auto-locking services and engine carbon cleaning with hydrogen.

In June 2018, the Deputy Minister of Economy for Bulgaria - Lachezar Borisov, awarded “AvtoIkonomist” for an innovative startup in the competition “Golemite malki”, organized by the newspaper “24 hours”.
Webit’s "Most Innovative Company" award was also given to “AvtoIkonom” in 2018. It was because of their global vision for creating an entirely new profession - an AvtoIkonom - which gives people with experience in car service and maintenance, the chance to help people who need it.

The team of “AvtoIkonom” believes that everyone should do what they are good at and what delights them. Speaking for themselves, “AvtoIkonom” say that they obtain the most pleasure when they take care of your car while you focus on your work.
Learn more about them here.

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