Box to Remember - an idea with a social cause

1. Please, tell us more about your company and the kind of product (service) that you develop.

Box to Remember is a new social enterprise that combines one idea and one social cause. Our idea is to offer an innovative solution for original gifts and our cause - to support people with disabilities who strive for equal rights to work.
We started this project during maternity leave. Within 3 months we managed to transform a simple idea into a working online shop with 4 corporate clients, 96 customers and 5 alternatively talented employees. We also have a partnership network of 5 retailers, agencies and bars who offer our products.
Box to Remember offers design boxes full of specially selected and hand-made presents for specific occasions – i.e wedding, newborn baby, Christmas, etc. Each item in the box is attached to a label with a personal message in rhymes. We strive to make the opening of the box a unique and unforgettable experience. Box full of surprises simply gives to the person who receives it a trill, a sudden feeling of excitement and joy. Psychologically, such type of surprises appeals to us. The human brain is wired in such a way that it turns its attention to things that are new or changing. Our brain likes the dopamine drip that takes place every time we receive something unexpected, because it brings vitality to our everyday life. This is what we want to achieve with Box to Rememberpresents that transform the routine

2. What is the competitive advantage of your product/service?
We believe that the market for original presents is overflowing with products but still lacks offerings that are genuinely unique, presents that create unforgettable memories, inspire creativity and fuel the excitement of surprise, presents OUT OF THE BOX.
So, Box to Remember offers presents “out of the box” in a box. We pooled efforts to create the first combination of unique items and personal messages specially selected for each specific occasion. This is not a gift, it is a memory, it is a surprise, a smile, an unforgettable experience. We believe, this is a new and innovative proposition for the customers that cannot be gained with other products.

3. How does it contribute to the development of the society?
Box to Remember contributes to the society in two ways - first it gives an alternative to all familiar presents for special occasions and second - it encourages people with disabilities to seek professional development and be engaged with work they like. We strive to provide more employment opportunities for people with disabilities and to assist them in their efforts for independence.
Our team currently constitutes of 4 people from the Deaf-community and one girl in a wheelchair. All of them are irreplaceable members of Box to Remember and the work they do is extraordinary.

4. What are the future solutions that you need to focus on for the development of your business?
We will focus on broadening the portfolio of products. We would like to create boxes for more occasions, boxes for representatives of different professions i.e. doctors, teachers, boxes for hobbies, etc. We also work on further developing the corporate channel and attracting more companies with custom-made boxes for their brand.

5. What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?
Our long term goal is to creatе a one-stop shop for all special occasions and people, an online shop where everybody can find unique, interesting and unforgettable present for the person they care about. A gift in a Box to be remembered!

6. Do you consider Bulgaria a good place for developing a start-up?
Yes, Bulgaria is a good place for a start-up. In our opinion, people here and especially young people are open-minded, they like challenges and new ideas and mainly they are ready to search for alternative solutions.
The environment is supporting and provides multiple opportunities to enhance your qualifications in different areas, to seek advice and mentorship.
In addition, the costs of establishing a company are reasonable and a startup could be rolled up with a sensible initial investment, provided it has the right internal organization and a product that customers are willing to buy.

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