CloudFaces - Mobile apps for your business

Our mission: Make quality apps affordable to every SME.
1) Please, tell us more about your company and the kind of product (service) that you develop.
CloudFaces is a company that builds mobile apps. It is a service, which allows people to create phone apps (Android and iOS). The purpose of the service is to make it easier for people who want to get into this area. It is very similar to the Wordpress service, which aims to facilitate site creation.
2) What is the competitive advantage of your service? How does it contribute to the development of the information technology?
The advantage of a service like CloudFaces is that the customer is not obliged to understand from creating phone applications to create one. It also does not take time, as the company takes care of everything. Last but not least, prices are in a general range. The company not only create the app, saving the customer’s time but they also post it and support it. Actually, It is an Outsourcing Agency, but much cheaper.

For more information about CloudFace, visit its profile at StartUp Navigator by clicking here.

3) We all live in a rapidly changing high-tech world. What are the future solutions that you need to focus on for the development of your business?
The innovation that CloudFaces have created is that it is especially designed for the creation of phone applications, which is quite rare.
In the sphere of information technology, the word “technology” is quite an abstract concept. In the case of CloudFaces, technology means the environment in which the service develops, and it is maintained constantly. With this type of business, the only thing the developer needs is more time. The platform works perfectly and the only need at present is more business partners and greater distribution.
4) What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?
Increase the capabilities of the app to the extent that people use it completely independently. Just like Wordpress.
5) Do you consider Bulgaria a good place for developing a start-up? According to you, which are the main positive and negative factors of developing a start-up here?
Yes, Bulgaria is a good place for starting your business. It is cheap, there are many opportunities for experiments and the price of developers is cheaper.
The negative aspects are the corruption and the small, insignificant market.
6) Is there something that you don’t like or you find particularly annoying about the current situation in Bulgaria? What would you like personally to change about it?
If there is something I could change, it would be not to pay social security contributions up to a certain amount in your bank account. Also, I don’t like that the State does not know about the start-up ecosystem in Bulgaria, which leads to the expulsion of foreign investors. Perhaps some tax benefits for start-up projects will encourage the development of the country.
What I find pretty annoying is when someone says: “There is no way to do it in Bulgaria”

SUN Team