Coherent labs

One of the six companies globally, which has its own library for generating HTML. They are the only company that uses it properly to generate User Interface in games.

1) Please, tell us more about your company and the kind of product (service) that you develop.

Our company mission are User Interface Development Tools in Games. We have built a software for the development of user interface in games using HTML. What is more we offer a subscription to support this software.

2) What is the competitive advantage of your service? How does it contribute to the development of the information technology?

Our competitive advantage is that we are using HTML for the development of User Interference in games. All solutions in the market for now are using Adobe Flash, and no one uses HTML for the same purpose as we do. HTML as technology is faster, the iterations are shorter allowing you to make changes while the game is going. While working with Flash, compilation is required. Our product is given the freedom of the Art Department.

For more information about Coherent labs, visit their profile at StartUp Navigator by clicking here.

3) We all live in a rapidly changing high-tech world. What are the future solutions that you need to focus on for the development of your business?

We believe that in the future HTML will be a tool for UI development. Mostly, we need people’s support and technologies that improve performance.

4) What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

Increase in sales

5) Do you consider Bulgaria a good place for developing a start-up? According to you, which are the main positive and negative factors of developing a start-up here?

Yes, Bulgaria is good place to start your business. Here we have cheap labor, trained staff, and a huge advantage is that we are in the EU. On the other hand, some countries still see us as a Third World country. A negativity is the mismatch due to time zones, education, and the government.

6) Is there something that you don’t like or you find particularly annoying about the current situation in Bulgaria? What would you like personally to change about it?

The government!


SUN Team                                                                                                                                                                                         09.05.18