Founded in 2016, the coworking offers you a choice between 2 places - one is quiet if you have to focus and you don`t want to be disturbed and the other is suitable for your teamwork and discussions or if you just want to know the people around you. You can also enjoy the kitchen with an orange fridge, the hammock and the swing.

The coworking also offers a range of events and small treats for its members (some of them are also open to the public). This year you can visit:
  • Yoga (members only);
  • Different workshops;
  • Free coworking jelly (casual working event);
  • Nomad soulmates retreats;
  • And a lot more (you can find all upcoming events on the homepage).
If you go there, you will meet some very interesting people, who will embrace you in their small community with great hospitality, and who will show you the restaurants with the best Banska kapama.

If you have the opportunity to go, you will certainly meet Matthias, Irina, Uwe - the founders of the place and the people who run it with their hearts. Don`t miss the chance to speak with Uwe who had travelled the world working as electrician, IT, system and support manager, doing development aid work in ZImbabwe, management at Hilti and real estate in Austria. He will tell you the story of How an Austrian sailor meets some guys on a boat and decides to open a co-working in Bulgaria. If you have the chance to meet Matthias, ask him how come a traveller, who have visited more than 40 countries in the past 15 years decided to found a coworking for location independent entrepreneurs like himself in Bansko.

Ask them why here? Why Bansko and not by the sea? You will know then why there is a painting of a sailor on the wall, why the toilets are called “brainstorming rooms” and… what is a co-living :)

You can check out their website for more information.

Ready for some mountain working time? :)