1) Please, tell us more about your company and the kind of product (service) that you develop.
In short, PERPETO BG helps online stores sell more. It raises the average value of an order and the number of orders. But most importantly it helps with keeping and satisfying customers.
We use a set of algorithms that are applied by the online store for personal recommendations for each customer. Also, we offer an automated mail communication from the store with specific content for that particular customer.

2) What is the competitive advantage of your service? How does it contribute to the development of the information technology?
We combine individual solutions into a single platform to help the user. It is easy to use and we offer quick experimentation with different types of algorithms that are then used equally well in the site and in email communication.

3) We all live in a rapidly changing high-tech world. What are the future solutions that you need to focus on for the development of your business?
We believe that in the future consolidated platforms that offer multiple solutions - a stack of marketing solutions / sales solutions, will play a significant role on the market.
In the future, we need to focus more on simplification and fast integration of new clients. Also, we aim to facilitate the communication between the existing client of a shop and the potential customer.

4) What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?
Increase of 2-5 times

5) Do you consider Bulgaria a good place for developing a start-up? According to you, which are the main positive and negative factors of developing a start-up here?
Yes, Bulgaria is a great place to develop your business idea. Here, maintenance costs are low, which is of a great importance when starting something new. Also, being close to your family and friends put you in comfortable atmosphere, where you can create freely. Another important aspect is that we are part of the EU and we have unlimited access to the European market where our business could expand. The market in Bulgaria is not of a great significance but it is large enough to test services in the “dark” before displaying your great idea to bigger customers.
On the other hand, search for competent experts is over supply. The process of creating new, competent young people is really slow.

6) Is there something that you don’t like or you find particularly annoying about the current situation in Bulgaria? What would you like personally to change about it?
In fact, we all know that education in Bulgaria is old-fashioned and could not give practice to the students, which is close to reality. I wish more young people who go abroad, would come back in Bulgaria and help to develop our county.

SuN Team                                                                                                                                                                                                             04.06.18