Legal services simplified and digitized with

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a great team, a product that’s ready to hit the market and the first leads for potential clients, but there’s one thing stopping you from making it all official – dealing with the pile of documents and bureaucracy you need to legally set up a company?

 As an IT professional you have no clue where to start searching for the person/company who can provide you with the legal help. In this case, chances are high you’ll do a Google search before anything else and at the top of the page you’ll most likely see a link to - the solution to your problem. It’s a product which helps you go through all the legal procedures much faster and cheaper than if you had done them through a regular law firm.

Don’t you worry though, this startup is nowhere from being a scam.
They work with actual lawyers, but they have developed software and procedures which optimizes the process of company registration through digital questionnaires and applications for drafting and filing documents. The team works with a network of partner lawyers who facilitate the procedure. A little work from the company founders, some software magic on the background, and a tiny bit of actual legal work and voila - you have your company listed in the commercial register or your trademark registered. It works for multiple other processes which require legal advisory and countless hours of communication with the respective institutions, which have proved to be anything but flexible when it comes to working with businesses.

That’s not all that they do though. On there’s a feature where you can automatically generate for free nearly 90 documents, ranging from contracts to various types of authorization forms by filling out a specifically designed questionnaire. As of recently the startup also provide subscription-based accounting services and they plan on adding even more products to their portfolio (a digital marketplace for lawyers and clients) and expanding their team which now consists of over 10 members and nearly 20 other freelancers – lawyers, designers, developers and researchers.

It all started back in 2015 with the idea of having a product with the aim of simplifying the administrative burden of the business. There were 2 co-founders determined to make it happen. Having bootstrapped their business from the very beginning till now, invested a lot of energy and enthusiasm in their work, has developed tremendously and has grown almost 300% for the past year only.
Nikola Penchev, Operations Director at says:

“It’s our goal to have a product that is technologically.”

When it comes to the competition the team is confident in saying that they do better than the rest though it’s hard to measure the results precisely. After all, they were the first ones to enter the market with such product. They do keep track though of what the others are up to. Nikola adds: 

“We follow their activity and we’ve noticed that they make similar mistakes to the ones we did back in the day.
     In our case we managed to recover quickly from our bad moves without losing any clients.”      

Currently targets the Bulgarian market primarily as well as foreigners who want to start their business in Bulgaria. However, the startup has clients from each continent besides Antarctica and Australia and that’s partially because at one point the team working on the product was spread over three continents – Asia, Europe and North America.Here is what Nikola, who is part of this international team declares:

 “All of our work is situated in a cloud so we could virtually work from anywhere."

So, if you’re struggling with figuring out the legal obligations of your startup feel free to look up what does or any other company for that matter, but we can assure you that the former will do the job perfectly or at least it will show up on top of the page of your search.