Romong - the solution to any problem in the field of digital marketing

1) Please, tell us more about your company and the kind of product (service) that you develop.

Our company’s main function is to analyze in the field of digital marketing

2) What is the competitive advantage of your service? How does it contribute to the development of the information technology?

Our main competitive advantage is expressed in the approach to solving the problems we occur. The problem is defined as an analytical task and competitiveness is achieved through statistics. Also, automation using statistical data is used to solve the problem.

3) We all live in a rapidly changing high-tech world. What are the future solutions that you need to focus on for the development of your business?

Artificial intelligence is a thing we should focus on, as its influence is increasing in every sector.

5) Do you consider Bulgaria a good place for developing a start-up? According to you, which are the main positive and negative factors of developing a start-up here?

Yes, Bulgaria is a great place to start developing your idea. The ecosystem here is good for the development of small companies and the taxes are low. A positive factor is the establishment of many NGO’s which contribute for the development of the society.

On the other hand, what I see as a negativity is the poor educated workforce, the bad marketing skills of people. Another negative aspect is that Bulgaria is a small, insignificant country.

6) Is there something that you don’t like or you find particularly annoying about the current situation in Bulgaria? What would you like personally to change about it?

I wished more people would make the first step and start their business ideas and succeed.

Also, an important thing is the improvement in the quality of education. I really don’t like how bad the education in universities is and consequently how many unprepared students graduate incompetent to the needs of market.


SUN Team                                                                                                                                                                                                16.05.18