Sales Skills 101: How to sell successfully to your clients

In his Little Red Book on Successful Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer says, "If they like you if they believe you if they are sure of you ... MAYBE they will buy from you.” People do not like people selling stuff to them ... BUT they do like to buy stuff.

Sales Skills 101
StartUp Navigator hosted a sales seminar with Mr. Alexander Dzhoganov, where we talked about how people buy, what are the stages of the purchasing process, what are the most common objections on behalf of buyers and how to deal with them and much more.

Among the secrets of successful sales are the motives behind the purchase and they are simply FOUR:

> Benefit – How will the customer benefit from the purchase. Usually, those decisions are based on the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy Pyramid.

> Pride – Buyers are interested in status and pride stands behind a big portion of purchases. It is possible to buy a BILLA nylon bag to carry your belonging, but you probably buy a nice purse instead.

> Fear – Fear that other people will have something you don’t, is a major driver of purchases. Falling behind is a strong motive.

> Imitation – opinion leaders are good examples of purchases in the information era.

More information about the Sales Training 101 is available in the link below. Stay tuned for our next sales training. We are going to give you loads of practical advice and reasoning behind purchases.

Our Speaker
Our speaker Alexander Dzhoganov has extensive sales experience - from Delta ice cream trader where he achieves a record 50 million leva turnover for Bulgaria, to companies like First Investment Bank (Commercial Director), DSK Bank (SME Manager), Allianz (Deputy Executive Director) as well as Generali Bulgaria (Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors). As of 2015, Mr. Dzhoganov is the co-founder of Virtual Broker Group - a startup that creates unique financial software in the field of InsTech and FinTech, offering a full range of insurance opportunities for individuals and companies.

The presentation of Mr. Dzhoganov is available in here: Presentation