Welcome on board of StartUP Navigator. We will do our best to navigate you to your next business milestone, investor, client or anything of the kind.

Let’s get started

Startup navigator maps the Bulgarian entrepreneurship ecosystem from its best perspective. We believe the right perspective to see it as a whole. The platform will give visibility to startups, NGOs, educators and all other stakeholder. It will also be a place where professionals interested in startups (usually called mentors) would be able to seek for new opportunities. Having a snapshot of the ecosystem as a whole, would make it much easier for investors all around the world to browse for potential investments in the region.

Ops…now we started talking about the region...let us explain. We start with Bulgarian ecosystem and then will grow in the region, that simple.

Yes, we are aware of CrunchBase, f6s, Angel List and the rest. And no, we don’t compete with them. None company with such a significant global presence can create significant value for deployment of the national and regional ecosystem. That is what Startup navigator is expected to do. Dig deeper locally.

Startup navigator will list and engage significant part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and would encourage the communication and mutual help (with benefits :) of the stakeholders. Bulgarian ecosystem is great. We have everything: risk capital, talent, very smart researchers, co-working spaces and whatever you need. Except for a significant mass of local customers, well, nobody is perfect.

Our team believes that increasing the collaboration and communication between the stakeholders would have significant positive effect on the whole ecosystem. And we talk about real communication based on current needs and opportunities, not just chit-chat and ego-boosting events.

Once again, welcome on board of startup navigator, we have headed to success. Hopefully together we might be there soon.

Bon voyage,
STN team