Dear SuN friends, today we will navigate you through 3 innovative ideas that caught our attention this week and that we want to share with you! 


1. Virtual Tourism: Groundbreaking Virtual Holiday Experience with Thomas Cook’s 'Try Before You Fly' Virtual Reality 

Thomas Cook is a 170-year-old travel agency, which, despite its 'old' age manages to keep up with modern development and trends. Thomas Cook is developing 360 VR films, which allow customers to experience and get a glimpse of dozens of different vacations before choosing a final destination for their holiday.  

Imagine: you simply put your VR goggles on – and in the blink of an eye you find yourself thousands of miles away experiencing a tour around Tokyo, dancing in India, swimming in Dubai, hiking the pyramids, having a helicopter tour of Manhattan, a trip to the pool at a SENTIDO resort in Rhodes, or taking a walk along the OCBC Skyway in Singapore… All this without leaving the store! And your vacation doesn’t get ‘spoiled’ – because you enjoy a range of ‘taster’ experiences, which keep the spark of excitement and imagination burning! 

Do you feel curious about virtual tourism? Check 'Try before you Fly" VR out here.   

2. Re-engineering Waste 

Thousands of tons of garbage are being wasted (literally!) every day. But rubbish isn’t useless – it can be used in entirely new ways! Here are some inspirations from around the globe: 

  1. Home heating. Every year Italy ships 70,000 tonnes of waste to Austria, where it is being burnt and transformed into electricity. 
  2. New roads. India has started to re-explore the use of plastic - the country is on its way to become a zero-plastic society by transforming plastic waste into a material that can be used to pave roads. 
  3. Free health care. Indonesia allows people to exchange valuable pieces of rubbish for access to doctors - a multilevel idea that helps to reduce poverty, leads to improved healthcare and tackles pollution in poor countries. 
  4. Microscopic dust. New ways of using thrown-out electronics are being developed as well, such as smashing them into nano-bits, turning them into materials which could be reused, transformed into something else, or more easily recycled. 
  5. Train infrastructure. Do you know that a railway car can be produced from a mix of concrete and old tyres? Such a car is more durable, more quiet, and allows us to re-use 35 tones of waste for each kilometer of rail line.  

3. Self-Driving Stores On Wheels 

For some time now big automotive companies have been developing prototypes of autonomous vehicles that could reshape our cities and our lives.  Autonomous vehicles won’t just change the way we commute - they could entirely change our daily lives: the way we shop, the way we do sports, the way we party, you name it!   

E-Palette is an autonomous, electric vehicle, which is being developed by Toyota. It’s actually a room on wheels and could potentially serve a variety of purposes. Some of Toyota’s big-name partners on the project include Uber, Amazon, and Pizza Hut - in other words, be ready for surprises!

The e-Palette is expected to debut at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, but going mainstream will likely take a lot longer.    

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SuN Team