Barin - Gain through science

1) Please, tell us more about your company and the kind of product (service) that you develop.

Barin is an ergonomic, flexible wearable device, integrated directly into traditional sportswear. It offers athletes performance and physical condition monitoring in great details (previously available only in specialized labs). Our company’s mission is concerned with developing a hardware and a software for gathering information about body functions and analyzing them, as well as presenting suggestions from the software to improve individual’s training / life methods.

2) What is the competitive advantage of your service? How does it contribute to the development of the information technology?

The main competitive advantage of our product is that the software analyzes data except to present them.
It has new functionalities that are new to the market. With next generation of data analytics, Barin relies on various advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights instead of hard to interpret raw data.

3) We all live in a rapidly changing high-tech world. What are the future solutions that you need to focus on for the development of your business?

The improvement of technology will definitely change the market. One of the innovations that could contribute for it are smart textiles. In order to keep pace with innovations, some of the future solutions Barin Sports should focus on are flexible batteries and more durable clever textiles.

For more information about Barin Sports, visit its profile at StartUp Navigator by clicking here.

4) What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

Contracts with top sports teams.

5) Do you consider Bulgaria a good place for developing a start-up? According to you, which are the main positive and negative factors of developing a start-up here?

Yes, Bulgaria has great tax policy, abundance of specialists and motivated to work people.
On the other hand, Bulgarian market is small and population is limited.

6) Is there something that you don’t like or you find particularly annoying about the current situation in Bulgaria? What would you like personally to change about it?

A thing that I would like to see in the future is to be strengthen the links of universities with companies.

SUN Team                                                                                                                                                                                    23.05.18